Hi!!! I’m Brandi, a 27 year old, free-spirited creative soul who’s based on the central California coast - but, you’ll find me traveling to new places as often as I can! I photograph families and couples for a living - specifically ones who appreciate art, are full of good vibes, and overflowing with love for each other. It’s pretty awesome, and I seriously feel so lucky every single day that this is actually my job!

Using sunshine as my main lighting source - my style of photography is happy, colorful, & artistically unique with a vintage touch. While i'm snapping photos of you and your loved ones, my vibes are laid-back yet fun while aiming to capture & create photos with a warm, nostalgic feeling to them - inspired by film! Thinking outside the box accompanied by vibrant colors, eccentric details, and adventurous beings are what get my creative juices flowin’.

When I’m not doing cool photography business stuff, you can find me somewhere out in nature, hanging out with babies (not my own, I’m a part-time nanny!), making essential oil potions, cooking some bomb vegan food, thrift shopping, laughing at a comedy podcast, checkin’ a favorite band off my concert bucket list, but honestly probably most of the time snuggling on my couch + watching a movie with my huzby.


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