Justin & Liz // Avila Beach Proposal

Justin & Liz had called me about 2 weeks before their trip, wanting to plan an anniversary photoshoot for their getaway to Avila Beach. Then, Justin wrote me separately to let me know that he would be proposing during the photoshoot- woot woot! Gotta love a plot twist. 

Before we began the "anniversary photoshoot", Justin & Liz exchanged gifts while I pretended to watch the waves crash onto the shore. once it was Liz's turn to open her gift, I started to snap some photos from afar.  

Inside of her handmade treasure chest, there were 6 gifts: A little glass vase to fill with sand, a bottle of wine with a customized label, a pair of old fashioned glasses with their engraved initials (he hand-engraved it with just a needle!) A love letter that he crafted to look like an old treasure map (sealed with a wax stamp!) & then a large, hardcover copy of The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. It was bookmarked to a special page....where he had cut out a heart & secured a ring to the center of it! Oh, & it doesn't stop there. He even hand-crafted & her ring's wooden band! She (& I) were in complete awe of all the customization & detail he put into each gift. Whut a keeper!

*Congratulations Justin & Liz*