Kristal & Ryan // Iceland - Kirkjufellsfoss Elopement

Woooaah. Omg. Wait. What. Forreal? Hold up. I got to photograph an elopement in ICELAND?! I mean, it still feels pretty unreal to me that I got this dang freaking cool opportunity back in September 2016. Kristal and Ryan are just so perfect together and getting the chance to hang out and snap photos of them in such an amazing place on such an amazing day for such an amazing reason was just...AMAZING. They giggled all day long and were just radiating allllllllll the good kinds of vibes. 

Wearing bright colors inspired by the Aurora Borealis, they: exchanged vows & rings, kissed in the crisp Icelandic air, snapped polaroids, walked upon squishy volcanic moss, and ate Icelandic hot dogs (of course). 

Thank you so much, Kristal & Ryan, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such an incredibly beautiful day and visit such an incredibly beautiful part of the world!! Wishing you all the love <3 <3

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