Christina & Kari // Big Sur - Garrapata State Park Surprise Wedding

Kari & Christina’s wedding was an all-around extra special & exciting one...that's for sure! They were expecting a little one, had never visited California before (they’re from Texas!) & biggest of all…the wedding was a complete SURPRISE!

“Kari and I both knew we wanted a small ceremony and wanted to be married before September, when our first son will be born. Neither of us wanted to spend a ton of money or time planning a big to-do. So…surprise wedding!” They were at the end of a 9-day trip where they had flown from Texas to Chicago, took the train from Chicago to Portland, & then another train from Portland to San Francisco. “I think I had sufficiently confused her to the point where she definitely didn’t suspect anything on the trip.”

The Thursday before their wedding date, they were having dinner when Christina told Kari that they were going to get their marriage license the next day! “She spent the next hour in disbelief and excitement!” & that was just the beginning of the surprise! The next day, all of Christina & Kari’s immediate family flew in to surprise Kari with the bigger news that her & Christina were going to have a wedding ceremony as well!

Christina’s parents brought two large bags full of dresses & shoes for Kari to choose from. All the girls in the family got mani/pedis Saturday morning, & Kari was treated at InBloom Monterey where she got her hair & makeup done. WHUT A DREAM!!

Christina’s fam scouted Garrapata State Park in Big Sur & found the most gorgeous spot on succulent-covered cliffs, overlooking the ocean! They had their "first look" on Carmel State Beach, then drove into Big Sur to take some pretty portraits in Point Lobos, & then finally exchanged their hand-written vows in Garrapata.

Such a sweet, simple, & overflowing-with-love wedding that I still feel SO honored to have captured! Congratulations Christina & Kari! <3