1 Details.jpg

Timeline: 45 minutes
Time of day: First thing after my arrival

While most of my work emphasizes the big moments of your wedding day, some of my absolute favorite things to capture are all the beautiful & fun details that help tell the story! Assigning at least 30 minutes for getting ready details ensures that I have plenty of time to get that perfect photo of your dress, rings, bouquets, & other important details of the day. There are definitely times when the bridal suite is too crowded or poorly lit & ill have to take the details somewhere outside! This is why I request 45 minutes, & the resulting photos are allllways worth the additional time. :)

Also, Gathering the details that you want photographed prior to my arrival makes it so much easier for us all! :) Here’s the list of details that I recommend having photographed:

- Copy Of Invitation, Save The Date, Wedding Program

- Wedding Dress

- Garter

- Veil

- Bridal Bouquet 

- Rings (engagement ring + both wedding bands)

- Any jewelry/accessories that you two plan to wear (necklace, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, watch, etc.)

- Your something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

- Shoes (Yours & His. & Every pair you're planning to wear)

- Grooms clothes & details (including tie, suspenders, handkerchief, etc.)

Here’s some of my favorite detail shots:

2 Getting Ready 350.jpg

Timeline: 60 minutes
Time of day: Post-detail shots, Pre-Ceremony

Getting ready photos are such a fun part of the day - when there is such excitement & sweet anticipation in the air! Some of my favorite moments have been captured during these quiet hours long before guests arrive- However, it’s quite often that these lovely little moments are too easily overshadowed by an overly cluttered bridal suite & not-so-ideal lighting conditions. Here’s a few tips & things to consider when choosing a getting-ready location & prepping for my arrival on your wedding day!!

Cleanliness: On the morning of a wedding day - some of the most beautiful, emotional moments can be just a little less beautiful when there’s things like empty Starbucks cups, fast food bags, & piles of clothes in the background.  When it comes to getting the most out of your getting ready photos, it’s super important that your space is as clean as possible when I arrive! Please make sure that all bags, shoes, clothes, garbage, and general clutter is put away in order for your space to be clean for beautiful photos. :)

Lighting: While it’s likely i’ll arrive when your hair and makeup artists are putting the finishing touches on your pretty self, it’s super duper important that you prepare ahead of time to provide a space with lots of natural light for them to work in. Plus, choosing a getting ready location with lots of windows and natural light really makes a HUGE difference for your photos. Getting ready in a dark room that’s poorly lit by lamps can cause the photos to turn out dull with orange-y hues. I’d recommend setting them up by a window so that we can get all the naturally perfect light we need!

Room Aesthetic: When it comes to a getting ready space, plenty of windows and natural lighting is key! Clean decor & white walls are ideal, but as long as I have plenty of natural light, almost any space will do. :) Room aesthetic is equally important for the bride as well as the groom, so don’t forget about the guys when choosing a getting ready space!

Here’s a couple weddings that had gorgeous spaces for morning wedding prep!